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Malik Deenar Islamic Academy

Thalangara, kasaragod | Thursday December 15, 2022

Malik Deenar Islamic Academy is a renowned Islamic institution which steps up with a majestic mission of bringing up of a new generation of scholars, well equipped with modern tools of knowledge and well versed in performing educational and propagation activities in tune with times, irrespective of lands and languages. The institution, which came to existence in 2001 April 11 under the auspices of Malik Deenar Great Juma masjid committee, is affiliated to Darul Huda Islamic University, Malappuram, Kerala and follows its educational curriculum. The Academy leaves no stone unturned to the realization of educational revolution by scientific and systematic mixture of religious and secular studies in combination with computer knowledge, giving much importance to the world languages; English, Arabic and Urdu. Only the applicants aged fewer than 12 and passed the public examination of fifth standard conducted by Samastha Kerala Islamic Educational Board, are eligible to attend the entrance examination of the 12 years long course offered by this institution. Now, in its tenth year, the college involves more than three hundred inhabitants from both Kerala and Karnataka. Despite a huge amount of expenditure for its day-to-day running, the institution offers education with all facilities of food, lodging and etc…without imposing any fee upon the inhabitants, though it doesn’t possess any financial source except the helping hands of well wishers.


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