Malik Deenar Islamic Academy

            Malik Deenar Islamic Academy is tributary of great intellectual movement led by Darul Huda Islamic University. Foreseeing a foremost and arduous objective its essence of curricula lies in drawing out the very best of Islamic values to be instilled in the grooming new Muslim generations.

Blooming of a dream

            As a hatching of Darul Huda Islamic University’s vibrant mission, Malik Deenar Islamic Academy was an incubate4d dream from the fountain head Muslim visionaries in North Kerala propelled by the sublime vision of Darul Huda.

            The tireless endeavor to refine and redefine Islamic educational framework and to preserve the glowing educational and intellectual legacy of Islam was restored to a plant new paradigms of Islamic education in Kerala. Thus Malik Deenar Islamic Academy is bloomed in the heat of Great Malik Deenar Juma Masjid where the torch bearer of Islam launched their foot prints to a new leaf of history.

Foremost Objectives

            The ultimate goal of this Islamic institution is to grow up a new bastion of Muslim scholars who are resourceful and well equipped with the modern tools of knowledge instilling the strict directives of Islam.

            Thus it follows a genuine Islamic educational philosophy which is entirely value centric. This institution confers a different curriculum combining religious and secular studies giving an emphasis on languages. Its education is constantly upgraded, refined and modified in tune with the dynamic living circumstances.

            The advent and rise of this institution is heavily inclined to the timely urge for conferring quality education for the young Muslim generation in north Kerala.

Our Visionary Leaders

            The North Kerala is home to several historic events. As a historic fortune, it could host the torch bearer of Islam from Arabia under the Great Malik Deenar (R), a renowned disciple of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). This province was the first runway for Islam to take its flight to distant horizons.

            To redeem this vibrant heritage, it was quite necessary to establish an Islamic institution as their memoirs. Our visionary leaders strived hard to achieve their sublime dreams cherished through the establishment of their institution.

            This institution was incubated by the selfless activities of its leaders like Marhoom Qazi T.K.M Bhava Musliyar, K.S Abdullah Haji, Ibrahim Khaleel Thalangara and Abdul Samad Haji Thalangara and some other scholars and eminent personalities like Anas Hudawi Aripra, Jafer Hudawi Indianoor, Noufal Hudawi Changaramkulam and Abdul Jaleel Hudawi Mundakkal who forgot their private life for the sake of Allah.

Curriculum and Infrastructure

            Malik Deenar Islamic Academy is following the curriculum prepared for the undergraduate colleges of Darul Huda Islamic University. As the timely reply to the urge of current scenario, it is a fine integration of modern education of Islamic braches of study.Fundamental braches of Islamic education and the modern arts and sciences are integrated here in a fine mode with an emphasis over four languages English, Arabic, Urdu and Malayalam.

            Malik Deenar Islamic Academy (MDIA) is home to eye catching sceneries. It locates beside the Great Malik Deenar Juma Masjid. This campus is a three storied building with about 300 students and amenities requires for the betterment of the quality of education like large library hall, digital library and science Lab.

            Besides this curriculum, the students are trained with some other talent hunting co-curricular activities like rhetoric, linguistic, artistic skills to make them well equipped to pose the challenges of the time.

            MDIA is now heading towards its thirteenth anniversary. After completing the ten year’s degree course here, the graduate students are leaving for their two year Post Graduate programs in Darul Huda Islamic University. As the first fruits of this mission, the first two batches completed their twelve year course and they are now perched to the educational, religious and cultural enterprises in various parts of north Kerala and Karnataka. Currently, two batches are at Darul Huda Islamic University for their Post Graduate studies.

            To recapture the glory of Muslims in the past and to bring timely corrections it is quite unavoidable to keep in tune with ongoing modern educational process co-running with genuine values of Islam.


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