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Malik Deenar - The Great Juma Masjid

"Malik Deenar Great Juma Masjid at Kasaragod is one of the masjids built by Malik Ibn Habeeb, nephew of Malik Ibn Deenar in various parts of Malabar. Day after day,hundreds of visitors come there to see the masjid and to pay a visit to the Maqam Sharif (tomb), from distant parts, Sreedhara Menon mentions the masjid in one of his works: “ A religious devotee from Arabia named, Malik Ibn Deenar built 9 masjids in Musris, Qouilon (Kollam), Kasargod, Strikandeshwar, Valapattanam, Madai, Dharmadam, Pantalayanikkollam and Chaliyam. The prescribed facts are precisely recorded in Thuhfatul Mujahideen. "


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