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Thank you for considering a contribution to Kasaragod Malikdeenar Darga We rely on the kind financial support of our community to provide programs and services to Kasaragod & Our surrounding area. Through the generosity of people like you, we maintaining Kasaragod Malikdeenar Great Juma Masjid, Malikdeenar Islamic Academy, Malikdeenar Islamic Womens Arts College etc. We depend on the support of our friends in the community to fund our programs. All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. We receive no united way or government funding, we are entirely privately-funded. We promise to be good stewards of your Donations. Through tax-deductible donations, Darga is able to maintain all institutions masjids etc. Your support is what drives our enforcement and conservation efforts, strengthens our resolve, and makes possible the successes we achieve.


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